Ivan James Duffield

With unparalleled expertise in his industry, Mr. Duffield brings nearly two decades of experience to his position as chief executive officer of D360. In his capacity as CEO, he oversees the business operations for the design company, providing and specializing in the complete design, construction and procurement of functional office environments.

D360 is an interior architecture company that provides cost-effective design solutions by balancing functionality and form. They specialize in working with corporate interiors, but are also key players in helping landlords and property brokers. Mr. Duffield, along with the staff of D360 take pride in providing their clients with superior design services without breaking the bank.

In addition to his experience with D360, Mr. Duffield has also held positions with CSM, where he remained for 10 years as a managing director, and Infrastructure Solutions, where he was employed for six years as a marketing director. Mr. Duffield attributes his success to a strong support structure, staff and contractors, as well as always looking at new and innovative solutions. In the near future, he intends to bring the business into the international market.

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