Grahame Arnold

Since 1990, Grahame Arnold has been providing trusted switchboard manufacturing services as the director of SCME — also known as Switchgear Commissioning & Maintenance Engineers Pty Ltd. He utilizes more than 40 years of professional experience to oversee the manufacture of switchboards and control panels for the industrial and commercial supply industry, telecommunications companies, and data centers. Mr. Arnold manages a team of licensed electrical contractors who provide turnkey electrical installations, perform maintenance and repairs, and solve industry-related problems.

Mr. Arnold shares that he has been growing SCME to provide diesel generator services for mines. The company has also been doing a lot of work for Emerson Network Power, a division of Emerson Electric Company that focuses on the delivery of power supplies and backup systems. Additionally, Mr. Arnold notes that SCME will endeavor further into the area of switchboard design. He was recently distinguished as a VIP member of Worldwide Branding in recognition of his accomplishments.

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