John Grant

As managing director of Data#3, John Grant plays an integral role in taking a successful product-centric IT company and transforming it into a continually successful service-centric company. He is a skilled leader and collaborator who helps guide Data#3 as it finds its way in a rapidly changing IT market. Mr. Grant is trusted to oversee all operations of the company, which provides innovative technology solutions designed to help customers meet their business objectives across a wide range of industries. He is excited to announce Data#3’s recent acquisition of a 70-person consulting organization, as well as the acquisition of a Wi-Fi analytics software company, which he feels indicates the next stage of growth for Data#3.

Mr. Grant began his career as a civil engineer after graduating with honors from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1971. He specialized in road, drainage and bridge works, in addition to quarry management. In leading a project to automate quarry operations, he came in contact with information technology and ultimately changed direction to pursue a career in the IT industry. Mr. Grant worked in sales with IBM for two years, and in 1982, he joined the company that later became Data#3. He was appointed managing director in 1996 and led the company to a public listing on the ASX in 1997.

Read John Grant’s Newsletter!

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