Karin O’Connor

Karin Börjesson O’Connor is an extremely driven professional who believes in one’s ability to create his or her own future. An expert in change processes and brand strategy, she specializes in working with brands that require change and need to take the next step. Karin has handled more than 50 change processes globally over the course of her career. She works closely with her clients in a fast and unconventional way that saves both time and money. Karin excels in getting others to build a brand internally to create passion and new energy for the brand. She utilizes her background in business and finance in her creative and innovative approach to building stronger brands. Additionally, having held positions as a chief executive officer and chief marketing officer, Karin has been a mentor to many young professionals along the way. She has also served as a member of several boards.

Karin currently applies her skills and experience in a number of capacities. Since January 2014, she has been the strategic and creative director at Chameleon, a global branding and communications company. She has been a chairman and shareholder of Jumperfabriken, a Swedish fashion apparel company, since 2011. Since 2010, Karin has been a member of the advisory board and a consultant for Daily Sports Sweden. She founded and became CEO of Corporate Creativity AB, her own brand development consultancy, in 2008. Karin recently relocated to London from Sweden and is looking for new challenges as well.

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