Max Dunner

Dunner pic 2Mr. Dunner brings his extensive experience and financial expertise to his role with Hagraf S.A., a trusted provider of pre-press, post-press, and press products and solutions for the printing industry. He is responsible for financial control of the company in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Mr. Dunner is noted for his ability to identify financial problems in various countries. A certified public accountant, he holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Universidad de Chile, one of the two most prominent educational institutions in Chile. He is also a skilled accounting auditor and commercial engineer specializing in administration and finance.

Previously, Mr. Dunner held executive roles with Laboratorios Garcia S.A., Fabrica de Hilados Fabrilana S.A., Lavanderías y Limpiados Le Grand Chic de Santiago S.A. and Sandrico S.A.. He joined Hagraf S.A. in December 1995 and worked his way up in the company. In October 2011, he was named director of administration and finance, and appointed to the company’s board of directors. Mr. Dunner thrives on the challenge of taking on new tasks and responsibilities, and he intends to continue advancing in his field in the years to come.

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