Natalie Scott

Natalie picAs an in-house lawyer and former banking professional, Ms. Scott is able to understand both the commercial importance and legal requirements of a transaction from the perspective of the borrower and the lender or hedge counter parties. She feels that it is important to balance the interests of all parties so that each party to a transaction leaves with a feeling of achievement. In her role as director of Werkmans Attorneys, Ms. Scott handles matters pertaining to her areas of expertise for local and international clients. She works closely with both financial institutions and corporate entities. Ms. Scott is appreciated for her knowledge and skill, as well as her consistency, consideration and hard work.

Ms. Scott has worked in this capacity since May 2013. She previously served as senior legal counsel for Nedbank Capital for three years, following a six-year stint as corporate finance counsel for the Africa Division of Citi. Based in the Johannesburg area of South Africa, Ms. Scott has the ability to conduct business in both English and Afrikaans. She looks forward to continued professional growth in the coming years.

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