Nina Boerning

Nina is an enthusiastic professional who specializes in organization, project planning, event preparation, and team-building. Over the course of her career, she has also honed her skills in international and public relations.  Nina decided to utilize her talents and experience to establish Boernings Dreams, which partners with orphanages, widow associations, environmental organizations, and local artists in Southern Africa. Nina aims to make her partners less dependent on donations by making their products available for sale in Germany and Great Britain. “Social projects and artists in Southern Africa should be helped not by donations but by trade,” Nina states on her website, “Thus the autonomy of individuals and organizations is encouraged.”

Additionally, Nina arranges trips to Southern Africa so that travelers worldwide can experience the culture and history of the region. She is well-qualified to do so thanks to her experience in the travel and tourism industry. Along with running all operations of Boernings Dreams, she also works as an administration and marketing manager for Savannah Southern Safaris. Since October 2014, she has served as acting general manager of Munga Eco-Lodge as well. Nina’s educational background includes a diploma in political science from Universität Bremen. She aims to expand Boernings Dreams’ reach in the coming years.

Read Nina Boerning’s Newsletter!

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