Philip Koh

Philip Koh is an esteemed finance professional who has long been passionate about his industry. For the past three decades, his work has covered various aspects of banking, including capital markets, corporate advisory services and auditing. A high point of his career was establishing VTB Bank’s first branch outside of Russia in Shanghai. Mr. Koh has cultivated his expertise in the areas of investments, mergers and acquisitions, business development and strategy, banking, equities, and corporate finance. He has won an International Financing Review (IFR) lead table award for his efforts, and is currently serving his second term as a council member of The Association of Banks in Singapore. Mr. Koh is noted for his willingness and desire to venture to countries that are not covered well for emerging financial markets. Ultimately, he would like to bring the multicultural bank industry to an international standard.

Today, Mr. Koh is trusted to oversee all operations of Bank Mandiri’s Singapore branch as the institution’s general manager and country head. Bank Mandiri is the largest bank in Indonesia, and its Singapore branch primarily deals with services relating to working capital, project finance, corporate trade finance and banking, and fixed income securities and bonds. Mr. Koh shares that the bank’s five-year plan is to be the best in the Asian market until the year 2020. He attributes his success to his interpersonal communication skills, which allow him to build successful relationships.

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