David Jeffery

Since 2010, David Jeffery has been providing trusted steel and metal fabrication services to clients in Adelaide, South Australia, and the surrounding areas through Weldtek Engineering Pty Ltd. He has established a stellar reputation for his family-owned company, which he operates with his son, Luke. David works closely with clients to guarantee the best results regarding engineering projects. He is passionate about meeting clients’ budgets and design objectives, and ensuring that jobs are completed to satisfaction. His success is due to his driven attitude, efficient products and high standards.

David shares that Weldtek Engineering Pty Ltd is currently expanding its reach interstate and taking on mining projects outside of South Australia. It has also ventured into civil projects concerning road work. David is in the process of starting a second company, Plastek, which will focus on plastic piping and HDPE welding. He utilizes his expertise in management, strategic planning and new business development in all of his endeavors.

Read David Jeffery’s Newsletter!


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