Maurizio Eliseo

Mr. Eliseo’s boyhood love of ships ultimately led him to a successful and busy career. Today, he is heavily involved in three different companies: Thalia SaS, Carmania Press and Omikron. Mr. Eliseo is the owner of Thalia SaS, a trusted provider of technical consulting services in the design, building and management of cruise ships to leading shipping companies worldwide. He utilizes more than three decades of professional experience, as well as expertise in engineering, maritime history and naval architecture.

Mr. Eliseo is also editor-in-chief of Carmania Press, a well-known maritime publishing company in London. He is well-qualified for the role, having written 20 books and collaborated on a dozen more. He has contributed to, either as publisher or consultant, seven additional books. Many of his books have been the basis of television documentaries and exhibits in several countries. Furthermore, Mr. Eliseo is a special projects coordinator with Omikron DOO, an engineering company based in Rijeka, Croatia. He is also a regular lecturer at the prestigious Faculty of Architecture at the University of Venice, and co-founder of the school’s European master’s program in cruise ship design.

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