Mats Bengtsson

Mats Bengtsson has been a member of the information technology industry for more than three decades. Over the course of his career, he has honed his expertise in the areas of IT operations management, customer relations, change leadership, IT outsourcing, and lean implementation. Mats joined leading IT provider, B3IT, in September 2014 as a senior consultant. His role primarily entails supporting customers in sourcing questions and procurement, as well as helping clients with the prolonging of sourcing contracts. He is skilled in negotiating with IT vendors to ensure that customers have everything in place to conduct their business. Certified in project management and customer responsibility, Mats is hands-on when it comes to projects, products and marketing.

Starting in January, Mats will participate in a new project involving software asset management for public and private schools in Sweden. He will also be holding breakfast meetings for B3IT that will allow customers to learn about new programs, products and services. Mats was recently named Professional of the Year in IT Services by Worldwide Branding in recognition of his exceptional work. Additionally, he has been honored by Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals, and selected to be featured in Worldwide Publishing’s 2016 Calendar Series.

Read Mats Bengtsson’s Newsletter!

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