Dan Feldman

Dan picDan Feldman is trusted to run the Europe and Asia regions for inVentiv Health, an international health care corporation focused on clinical research, commercialization and consulting. He is responsible for business growth, budgets and strategy in both regions, as well as the provision of guidance and motivation to approximately 4,000 company employees. A skilled public speaker, Mr. Feldman often delivers lectures regarding sales, marketing and pharmaceuticals in difficult markets such as Japan, China and Singapore.

Mr. Feldman is proud to report that 2014 was an extremely successful year for inVentiv Health due to its exceptional management and understanding of local culture. Mr. Feldman’s own appreciation of the Asian culture stems from that fact that he spent his formative years in Japan and Hong Kong. This gave him a diversified taste for language and culture, both of which are important elements in business communications. As a student at the University of London, he studied various aspects of Japan and China, including economics, geography, language, business, history and culture. He is fluent in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French and English.

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