Jim Whitesel

Whitesel picMr. Whitesel brings two decades of business management experience to his role as general manager of Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, Texas. The dealership has become a trusted source for new and used vehicles, as well as parts and service. Trophy Nissan has been the No. 1 certified pre-owned dealer for three years in a row. Mr. Whitesel oversees the daily operations of the dealership and the management of more than 250 employees. He also acts as a liaison between the Nissan division and NMAC top management. Furthermore, Mr. Whitesel handles the dealership’s marketing and sales functions. He reports to the Nissan National Advisory Board every month.

Mr. Whitesel chose this line of work due to his love of sales and working with others. Previously, he studied construction management at the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University. Mr. Whitesel was recently inducted into Worldwide Registry in recognition of his professional success.

Read Jim Whitesel’s Newsletter!

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