José Domingos

Jose picJosé Domingos is the chief executive officer of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), which offers an accreditation program for health care providers focused on improving operations, services, and the quality of patient care. Mr. Domingos understands the importance of such programs in today’s pharmaceutical market, which was recently affected by multiple deaths caused by contaminated drugs. As a result, the Boards of Pharmacy and the FDA have called for further oversight of compounding pharmacies. As state and federal governments do not have the resources for such oversight, unbiased organizations such as the ACHC are relied upon to provide it. Many third-party insurance companies also consider accreditation to be a requirement for reimbursements.

Since becoming the CEO of ACHC in December 2012, Mr. Domingos has guided the company in achieving double-digit growth. In the coming years, he aims to help the organization grow by another 40 percent. Recently, Mr. Domingos has been active in presenting to the Florida Board of Pharmacy and the Georgia Board of Pharmacy in order to have the ACHC program recognized and accepted in those states.

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