Michael Blakney

Michael BlakneyMr. Blakney is a proactive business partner and skilled financial manager with expertise in accounting and working capital management. Since 2011, he has served as manager of the financial planning and analysis division of Dental Images Technologies Corporation, formally known as Imaging Sciences International, LLC. Mr. Blakney is trusted to oversee the forecasting process and resolve operational accounting issues for the company, which is a global dental machinery manufacturer located in Hatfield, Pa. He is well-suited to the role thanks to his personality, professional skills and aptitude for numbers.

A Certified Management Accountant, Mr. Blakney holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor. He maintains affiliation with the American Institute of CPAs. Mr. Blakney is motivated by his desire to constantly improve, and he believes in the importance of adding to his “professional toolbox” on a regular basis.

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