Rima Overgaard Fayed

Rima picFounded in 2009, Jiddo Press specializes in the publication of educational books in Danish, English and Arabic. The publishing company’s director and owner, Rima Overgaard Fayed, is noted for her extensive experience in making layouts for books containing Arabic and Latin characters. Her company also offers editing services for texts containing Arabic and Latin characters, such as Arabic/English/German/French/Danish. Ms. Fayed is most noted for her work on the update and revision of her father’s book, “Arabic for Beginners.”

Prior to entering the publishing field, Ms. Fayed earned a master’s degree in human geography from the University of Copenhagen and spent a year teaching at the university. She then began working as an SAP developer, specializing in the areas of authorizations and HCM. Ms. Fayed possesses 15 years of experience in ABAP programming, SAP HCM PA, OM, PY, authorizations and more. She also holds multiple certifications related to the profession. In the future, Ms. Fayed plans to earn a Ph.D. in globalization within the IT world and become a globalization consultant for corporations. She will also continue her work with Jiddo Press.

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