Suzette Scheepers

Suzette Scheepers picAs the director of congresses for the Paragon Group, Suzette is trusted to organize international congresses, particularly in the areas of medicine and science, which meet at various cities around the world. She travels to these cities to oversee events and work directly with clients. Suzette supervises six direct reports who handle five to six events each annually, thereby making her responsible for approximately 30 events per year. She has worked with Paragon since July 2011.

Suzette’s previous work in diplomatic service allowed her to gain experience in more than 50 countries. She also studied at the Academy of the Department of Foreign Affairs in South Africa. Well-versed in working and communicating with a variety of cultures, she is adequately equipped to fulfill her responsibilities successfully. Suzette has thoroughly honed her skills in the areas of finance, logistics and large event planning.

Read Suzette Scheepers’ Newsletter!

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