Cathryn Carver

Cathryn Carver picCathryn Carver has spent the past decade in key roles with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ). She joined the company in 2005 as the Global Head of Corporate Finance. She has since advanced steadily within ANZ,  and currently sits on the leadership team of the International and Institutional Banking Division, where she holds the position of Senior Managing Director of International and Institutional Banking. Ms. Carver is trusted to drive the strategic focus of key Institutional senior client relationships for both Australian-based clients, as well as offshore clients who conduct business in Australia. She remains enthusiastic and challenged by her work due to the interesting global economic landscape. The macroeconomic environment makes Ms. Carver and the wider IIB team more committed to being proactive and insightful in terms of how they can help their clients’ growth.

Ms. Carver was proud to participate in International Women’s Day in March 2015, as she sees gender diversity to be a key strategic initiative that can give females a real competitive advantage in the marketplace. She also aims to positively influence others in her new advisory role at her alma mater, Curtin University. Ms. Carver advocates that a stronger relationship between universities, the private sector and the government is essential to driving new business in Australia. In recognition of her various endeavors, she was named Professional of the Year in Banking Operations Management by Worldwide Branding in 2014.

Read Cathryn Carver’s Newsletter!

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