Marco Stolze

Stolze picMarco Stolze is a sales specialist with more than 25 years of experience in flower and plant trade. He established MS Sales & Consultancy to offer clients personalized advice in the purchase and sale of floriculture products. In order to find the best deals, Mr. Stolze maintains excellent relationships with growers, florists, wholesalers, garden centers, hardware stores, and retailers. He handles negotiations and export purchasing, as well as international sales and agribusiness. Mr. Stolze also oversees all operations of his company, including marketing, new business development, and account management. Additionally, Mr. Stolze owns and operates KPS Sales, which is a digital marketplace for flowers and plants.

Coming from a family full of agriculturalists and growers, Mr. Stolze has always had a passion for agriculture. He studied agriculture, economy, entrepreneurship and international languages while living in Vlaardingen, Netherlands. Mr. Stolze looks forward to the growth of both of his companies in the coming years. He was recently named an Entrepreneur of the Year in Sales & Agriculture by Worldwide Branding in recognition of his professional accomplishments.

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