Frank Hinrichs

Hinrichs picAs the founder and director of Ang’ata Camps, Mr. Hinrichs strives to offer the best possible hospitality services at affordable prices in Tanzania. His unique mobile camps are comprised of fully equipped tents with running hot water, toilets and showers. As director, Mr. Hinrichs ensures the highest quality of services at each of Ang’ata Camps’ three locations. He also trains, leads and manages the staff members at each location, utilizing his expertise in tourism, leisure and adventure travel, and travel management. He is also skilled in the areas of event management, public relations, social media marketing and business strategy.

In recognition of his professional excellence, Mr. Hinrichs was recently named a Professional of the Year in Hospitality & Tourism Services by Worldwide Branding. He was distinguished as a VIP member of the organization in 2014 as well.

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