Andrea Campanella Henrich

Andrea C PicWith two decades of professional experience, Andrea Campanella Henrich has established herself as a transformation specialist who is able to help global companies perform better quickly. She has successfully handled complex transformational initiatives, sales strategies, and multi-country projects in multicultural environments. Andrea is noted for being dynamic, focused, and straight-to-the-point. She enjoys building highly productive and integrated teams in terms of cooperation and communication. Andrea is unique in that she strives not only to help a group achieve its goals; she aims to have each individual team member achieve his or her full potential.
Andrea is a SAP certified consultant who holds a degree in economics from the University of Buenos Aires. She transitioned from a career in auditing into the consulting area, taking on technology implementation initiatives and strategic development at the local, regional and global levels. A highlight of Andrea’s career was working on a multicultural project involving a team of more than 100 people. Utilizing her growing leadership skills, she oversaw complex organizational changes while managing ERP implementation as well. She is passionate about completing such projects on time and on budget. Andrea intends to continue supporting global companies in strategic initiatives involving global integration, innovation and revenue growth.

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