Johanna Kenney

Johanna Kenney picAn educational technology specialist and instructional designer, Johanna Kenney has a decade of experience designing and developing effective instructional programs and training literature using the ADDIE model. She also possesses 13 years of experience preparing and producing integrated communications requiring the writing, editing and proofreading of research papers, technical documents and proposals. Dr. Kenney utilizes instructional design methods, along with adult learning theories and validated research to find innovative approaches to integrate technology into military medical education and training.

Since June 2014, Dr. Kenney has served as a technical content developer at Multimedia Games, which specializes in the creation of electronic gaming machines for casinos. Her role entails developing and managing the technical training content both in-house and for clients, as well as researching integral new technology for existing sites. Dr. Kenney also handles cross-training for all employees.

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