Janice Sherk

Janice Sherk picWith 25 years of professional experience, Janice Sherk has thoroughly honed her skills in the areas of logistics security administration, international brokerage operations and airline regulations. She utilizes her experience and expertise in her role as vice president of security for United Parcel Service Canada Limited, also known as UPS Canada. Ms. Sherk is trusted to manage safety and protective operations, including loss prevention and investigation, package care, and various other programs. She ensures that the proper precautions are being taken throughout each step of the process, so that cargo is delivered in a timely and efficient manner, and that customers are satisfied with the services that they have received.

Ms. Sherk recently added to her professional repertoire by earning a bachelor’s degree in organizational security and management in 2014. Certified in cargo loss prevention, she is also a licensed broker who holds an associate degree in business administration from Brock University. Ms. Sherk is a member of the National Air Security Training & Awareness Commission, as well as the Canadian Courier and Logistics Association. She intends to pursue consulting opportunities after her eventual retirement.

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