Charmellian Anderson

Charmellian AndersonIn her role as function supervisor for Fraser’s Restaurant Group, Charmellian Anderson is committed to excellence in hospitality and event management. Charmellian is responsible for supervising wedding functions, working with suppliers to organize food preparation for guests, and leading teams of four to 25 people or more. She utilizes her skills in staff training and debriefing, and is able to quickly assess how to organize events for groups ranging from 100 to 1500 people. Charmellian is also knowledgeable regarding food service and safety, marketing, and revenue cycle management.

Charmellian holds a Bachelor of Business in convention and event management from Southern Cross University, as well as a Bachelor of Business in hotel management from the Australian School of Management. She is a recipient of a Student of the Year award. Having lived in many different cities and countries over the past 15 years, she is familiar with various cultures, customs and backgrounds. This aids her ability to provide exceptional customer service. She looks forward to building her career within the event and hospitality industry in the coming years.

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