Cynthia Magro, MD

Cynthia MagroDr. Cynthia Magro has always been fascinated by disease and pathophysiology. She views skin as a window to all disease and an excellent model to study all basic principles of immunology. Dr. Magro has is a key member of Weill Cornell Medical College, where she serves as director of dermatopathology, as well as a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine. She is also an attending pathologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Magro’s many areas of expertise include lymphoma and atypical lymphoid proliferations of the skin, atypical melanocytic lesions, autoinflammatory conditions and uncommon inflammatory diseases, cutaneous manifestations of systemic disease, the utilization of immunofluorescence as a diagnostic adjunct in skin disease, and unusual drug reactions. Her areas of practice often cross over into other organ systems, and therefore she also handles cases relating to lung disease, brain biopsies and more. Furthermore, Dr. Magro works with neurologists across the country due to her knowledge regarding using skin to diagnose neurologic diseases.

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