William Tripp

William TrippA former member of the United States Navy, William Tripp is an avid supporter of all who serve the U.S. Currently, he is the owner of Hawk Enterprises, a disabled veteran-owned small business that operates with the motto, “Focus on the war-fighter.” Through products and services that enhance the capabilities of soldiers, Mr. Tripp and his team specialize in aviation operations and maintenance, as well as technical and logistical support. They are fervently committed to honoring the service, achievements and sacrifice of the those who serve in the Armed Forces.

Proficient in avionics and electronics,  Mr. Tripp handles all aspects of running the company, which include the oversight of the management team that directs the financial and operational components of the business. He guides the company as it offers a multitude of products and services, including tools and test equipment, as well as training, technical writing, provisioning and multimedia solutions. Truly passionate about his mission to help the people who are a part of the military, Mr. Tripp maintains affiliation with the Army Aviation Association of America, Inc., an organization devoted to “supporting the army aviation soldier and family.” Notably, the organization has given Mr. Tripp numerous awards for his excellence within his chosen field.

Read William Tripp’s Newsletter!

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