Pierre Abrezol

Pierre AbrezolPierre Abrezol is a spirited and skilled entrepreneur who successfully runs two companies — AW Go Organic Pty Ltd and TOOAC. Both of the companies remain dedicated to bettering the environment and all who inhabit the Earth by providing environmental awareness services, as well as stocking and cropping services, respectively. Aside from running his two companies, Mr. Abrezol is also a board member of One Creations Limited, a cooperative company that promotes industrial economic sustainable development. The company aims to support the rapid development of environmental technologies through a global multi-sector approach. This commitment responds to the converging needs of society, the economy and the environment. He is also the chairman of PROMOVE, which cares for the economic development in his local community. Mr. Abrezol ensures the success of his companies by managing each of their issues and working with a trusted and talented staff to ensure that all things run smoothly. He has garnered more than three decades of invaluable experience within the industry.

Mr. Abrezol is also an established real estate professional, and has been developing a company with his wife in Switzerland, where they buy, build, renovate and rent properties. Additionally, he serves as a consultant for several brands of watches; he develops new designs and opens markets.

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