Francois Torcque

Francois Torcque possesses more than 25 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. Since entering the field, Mr. Torcque has attained a vast amount of knowledge in strategy, management, transformation, e-commerce and technology. As the interim executive at Amsterdam Trade Bank, which provides standard and tailored products in the fields of Russia-related trade and project finance, corporate banking, and international money transfers, he oversees the introduction of new products and organization for the international market. Mr. Torcque remains committed to providing commercial excellence and the highest quality of transformation.

Mr. Torque holds a master’s degree in business and has formerly worked in various roles for a number of different companies. Such roles include the CEO of Value8 Technology Group, global director of commercial excellence for Philips, global director of commercial and customer excellence at ING, and head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa consulting at Cap Gemini. The highlight of his career was the reorganization of Philips with a realized cost-reduction of more than $100 million. Recognized for his many accomplishments, Mr. Torcque was named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding in 2014 and has been distinguished as an Executive of the Year in Banking for 2015.

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