Katja Schwenke

Katja SchwenkeAs a partner of VISCONTI, Katja Schwenke proudly coaches and mentors CEO-level clients. With a knack for working with and training executive leaders, Ms. Schwenke ensures that there is always a clear understanding between her and clients regarding the issues that they want to address. Extremely creative in producing long-term, high-level plans, she prioritizes continuity and sustainability when it comes to reaching strategic objectives. Ms. Schwenke and her colleagues are able to utilize their experiences in CEO and COO capacities to truly connect with and understand their clients. The highlight of Ms. Schwenke’s career was working with a renewable energy company, because through this experience, she saw opportunity in the United States for wind energy. Although she sometimes felt discouraged, she knew that the project would be successful and proved herself right.

Ms. Schwenke earned a diploma in national economics and international management from Hochschule Bremen in 1994, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in business studies, strategic management, European policies and financial reporting from London Guildhall University the same year. Her education, skills, passion, tenacity and perseverance are reflected by her various accolades. Among those recognitions, Ms. Schwenke has been named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding in 2015. Additionally, she has been recognized as a Executive of the Year in Executive Coaching & Mentorship for the 2015 year.

Read Katja Schwenke’s Newsletter!

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