Valerie Besson

Valerie BessonWith two decades of invaluable experience in all facets of auditing, Valerie Besson has established herself as an internationally renowned financial icon. As a partner at KPMG S.A., Ms. Besson offers the highest quality in global auditing, advising and consulting services to clients around the world — especially in France — within the airline and energy sectors. Throughout her impressive career, she has attained unrivaled knowledge in the areas of governance, due diligence, corporate finance and financial analysis.

With a knack for helping and advising people, Ms. Besson always knew that a career in this field would be the perfect fit for her. She holds a master’s degree in finance and accounting. Since entering the field, Ms. Besson has worked within various areas, including the industrial, consumer, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical markets, as well as the information, communication and entertainment sectors.

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