Glenn Nosse

Glenn NosseProficient in marketing direction, Glenn Nosse serves as a trusted  director of Aloha E-Bikes Corp. Mr. Nosse is in charge of promoting this new, and environmentally friendly company through strategic planning, business development and marketing, as well as directing corporate and in-house videos. Serving the states of Hawaii and California, Mr. Nosse is contracted for marketing projects, and currently promotes a car dealership and a popular restaurant in addition to working with Aloha E-Bikes. For these companies, he produces and directs top-notch videos. Formerly, Mr. Nosse served as the director of the Sunnyvale Ford 2014 Video Campaign. In the near future, Mr. Nosse will be launching his own marketing group called 4k Hawaii.

In order to provide clients with the highest-quality videos, Mr. Nosse is please to announce he will be procuring an extremely high-definition camera. This camera, which is manufactured by Sony Electronics Inc., is commonly know as a 4k camera, and it provides extremely sharp and clear videos.

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