Marcia Goodman

Marcia GoodmanOver the past five decades, Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D., has devoted herself to what some might consider an odd combination: health care and the theater arts. Most known for the passion with which she approaches everything she does, Ms. Goodman’s friendly, humorous and compassionate personality has been key in all of her endeavors.

Dr. Goodman is a medical resident at Knox Medical Practice. She formerly worked as a laboratory technician for the American Red Cross for 15 years and as a registered nurse for nearly 10 years.

Proficient in cardiology and nursing, Dr. Goodman holds an honorary MD and a Ph.D. from  Yale University. A truly kindhearted individual, Dr. Goodman maintains affiliation with the American Diabetes Association, and frequently donates toys to children with cancer during the holiday season. She avidly volunteers with the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, the Order of the Eastern Star, the American Red Cross, the SPCA and the National Wildlife Federation.

Read Marcia Goodman’s Newsletter!

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