Arlene Mazak, Ph.D.

Arlene MazakArlene Mazak, Ph.D., is the owner and principal of Mazak Global Management, a professional training and coaching company that provides top-notch leadership coaching. The company also offers transnational management training and consulting services for organizational development. She also heads Innercall: Personal and Transpersonal Development, a spiritual services and coaching company that provides transpersonal psychotherapy, life coaching and interfaith spiritual direction services. Proficient in transformational education, coaching, cultural psychology, psychotherapy and consulting, Dr. Mazak works in the areas of conscious capitalism and conscious business, and focuses on helping leaders with value-added or value-based corporations.

Dr. Mazak holds a Master of Arts in counseling from the University of San Francisco, as well as a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in South Asian languages and civilizations from the University of Chicago. She also possesses a graduate certificate in organizational development and transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Additionally, Dr. Mazak holds a certification in global leadership and transnational management training, assessments and simulations from the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communications, and a certificate in past life regression therapy from the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.

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