Maria Bryant

Maria BryantA certified esthetician, Maria Bryant takes pride in her ability to make people feel beautiful. As the owner of Spa Zone, Ms. Bryant ensures that her clients receive the best spa care. Her spa offers a number of services, including waxing and facials, manicures and pedicures, lash and brow tinting, facial massages, skin treatments, ear-piercing, lymphatic draining and Swedish massages. She is responsible for overseeing the spa’s daily operations, including recruitment, management, scheduling and paperwork. As an esthetician, Ms. Bryant sees both new and existing clients.

As a youth, Ms. Bryant suffered from skin problems. She saw a dermatologist, but was not happy with the experience. She decided to conduct research and try different remedies for her skin on her own, and her skin eventually cleared up. She knew from that point on that she wanted to help others with similar problems, and subsequently studied business and esthetics at Sheridan College in 2000. Today, she often attends classes and seminars in order to stay current in the field.

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