Rudi Deruytter

RudiRudi Deruytter has nurtured a 31-year career in the finance industry and currently serves as the successful CEO of CKV Bank, a Belgium-based bank that provides numerous financial services. Proficient in all things banking and finance, Mr. Deruytter manages the daily operations of the bank, which plays an important role in the market of traditional savings and investment products for individuals in Belgium. A true example of success in the field, Mr. Deruytter surpasses his peers due to his experience and education, which includes a Master of Laws with distinction from Ghent University. He also possesses certificates in compliance and international banking, and is a professional negotiator.

Mr. Deruytter’s competitive nature, strong leadership skills and optimism have earned him consistent professional recognition. He was recently named Executive of the Year in Bank Operations Management and has been dubbed a Search the Elite Honoree for the second consecutive year.

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