Janis L. Smith

Janis SmithLauded as an expert in forensics, investigation and communication, Janis L. Smith adeptly and meticulously oversees criminal and suspicious activities, suicides and unintended deaths as the chief deputy coroner of the county of La Plata in Colorado. Ms. Smith also assists with autopsies, handles daily operations, responds to calls and manages follow-ups. Truly dedicated to the field, she often lectures on topics related to autopsies, forensics and other investigative research matters.

Ms. Smith is a certified death investigator. She also holds a law enforcement certification, and is both state and nationally certified. She formerly served as an EMT for nearly two decades before making the decision to attend the police academy. After completing her education, she landed an administrative role and was later asked to cover for the coroner, who was out of town. While serving in this capacity, Ms. Smith was exposed to the duties that come with the position. After getting a feel for all that is tied in with the coroner medical examiner’s job duties, she felt that aiding in the solving of crimes was her calling.

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