Tracey Mackie

As the managing director of Active Solutions Aged and Primary Health Care Consultancy, Tracey Mackie strives to improve access to information, training and support for individuals, professionals and organizations working in the sector. She and her team work to meet these goals by providing a number of quality services, including strategic and business planning, staff education and training, tender submission writing, and project management. Additionally, Active Solutions provides quality system development, accreditation support and compliance management. Dr. Mackie utilizes more than two decades of experience in the aged care, health and community services sectors to continuously improve her company while also improving the lives of others.

Dr. Mackie’s daily responsibilities include overseeing the organization’s operations, interacting with customers and other organizations, and supporting and consulting with organizations to develop customer-centric products and services that support an aging population in a rapidly changing industry. Dr. Mackie has held numerous senior positions within the health care field.

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