Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe, Ph.D., CPT

Douglas HinchliffeDr. Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe serves as the dean, CEO, adjunct professor and principal executive officer of King’s Own Institute, a tertiary-level educational institution that offers students accredited diploma and degree courses in numerous areas of  business. Its main mission is to provide students with a nurturing atmosphere that promotes growth and enables them to excel in the workforce. Dr. Hinchliffe has dedicated his life to educating and training individuals throughout Australia, and abroad. He has amassed 30 years of professional experience and has become an expert in assessment planning. In his current roles, Dr. Hinchliffe is responsible for overseeing daily operations and collaborating with other executives to further develop the curriculum and programs offered by the school.

Prior to dedicating himself to the field of education, Dr. Hinchliffe led a prestigious career in the military. When he made the switch to education, he first served as a teacher and principal for several universities. Through the years, he has become recognized as a pioneer in competency-based needs assessments, training, instructional design systems and strategic planning.

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