John J. Ferguson, Esq.

John FergusonWith nearly five decades of experience in the field of law, John J. Ferguson has been recognized by Worldwide Registry for his significant accomplishments. As an attorney of Ferguson Cohen LLP, Mr. Ferguson primarily focuses on trusts and estates. He provides quality preparation and representation from the firm’s office in Greenwich, Conn., and has assisted numerous high-end companies, including American Ultramar, Ltd., Bank of New York, Bernard J. Harris Publishing Co., Inc., and Byron Electric Co. Mr. Ferguson has been admitted to practice within the states of Maryland, New York and Connecticut, as well as before all U.S. federal courts and the United State Supreme Court.

Mr. Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Science from the College of the Holy Cross, which he earned in 1961, and a Bachelor of Laws from Fordham University’s School of Law, which he earned in 1965. Since entering the field, Mr.  Ferguson has become an active member of the legal and nonprofit communities.

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