Rolf Svenson

Rolf SvensonRolf Svenson has nurtured an extensive 43-year career in business management, having served as owner and founder of Crest, Creative Strategies and Tactics AB for the last 24 of those years. He utilizes his experience with the national food administration system to develop water distribution systems and provide fresh, clean water to people around the world. In order to do this effectively, Mr. Svenson works with numerous authorities in various countries. His emergency water distribution system is currently being used in 10 different countries.

Mr. Svenson earned a Master of Science in political science from Lund University in 1972. Prior to his current position, he held several marketing and operating positions at Unilever and PepsiCo. At one point, he was asked to help the Swedish Red Cross find a way to hold drinking water in Angola, Africa. He worked in Rwanda, and following his time there, he worked for industrialized countries, including Sweden. With a desire to make a difference and give back, he developed his water distribution system, which was also used during Hurricane Katrina.

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