Mira Sirotic

Mira SiroticGlobal Business Trading Company Inc. In this role, she oversees global business development in a wide range of industries. Thus, Ms. Sirotic is responsible for creating value in new markets by establishing and supporting Win-Win-Win relationships. Noted for her expertise in marketing and global business development, she is an integral asset to the business, which is a global trading company that offers import and export services for medical technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, grain and grain-related products, cooking and seed oil, industrial production lines, lumber, petroleum products and more.

Passionate about sharing resources, information and experiences in order to enrich the lives of others, Ms. Sirotic earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Management Accountancy Studies from the University of Waterloo in 1997. During her time in university, she remained on the Dean’s list, which served as a testament to her hard work. She is also certified in strategic financial management as a Chartered Professional Accountant. An active member of the community, she maintains her support of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, the Ted Rogers School of Management, and the Institute for Management & Innovation.

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