Judith Dransfield

Emma40A compassionate individual, Judith Dransfield  provides counseling and therapy to at-risk youths and families affected by serious crime. She also offers family therapy, grief and loss counseling, counseling for the needs of the elderly, and supervises other therapists. Although she addresses a variety of issues, she mainly focuses on the consequences of serious crimes, including murders. Ms. Dransfield also works with individuals one day a week using equine therapy. Formerly, Ms. Dransfield worked for a nursing home, where she counseled residents, their families, and staff members. She covered a number of issues, including grief and loss, the end-of-life approach and loneliness, among others.

Ms. Dransfield earned a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Auckland in 2015. In the coming year, she will be completing a Ph.D. through the same university. Her research and dissertation will be on loneliness and the elderly. She wants to use this as a platform to educate others on the elderly and their needs.elderly

Read Judy Dransfield’s Newsletter!

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