Michael J. Krantz

Michael J. Krantz serves as the CEO and chair of the board of directors of Adventureland Park, a renowned all-in-one amusement park, water park and hotel. Based in the state of Iowa, Adventureland Park contains more than 100 rides, shows and attractions, including thrilling roller coasters and children’s rides, as well as year-round indoor pools and arcades, and a seasonal campground facility. In his role, Mr. Krantz is responsible for overseeing and directing construction in the park, planning new construction, considering social trends to add to the experience, and maintaining existing structures. With a knack for directing the vision of new attractions for the park and modifying new rides, Mr. Krantz always finds new ways to utilize buildings that the park currently owns. He focuses on liability, safety and creativity, and manages various sub-managers. All of his daily tasks ensure an unforgettable experience for the park’s guests.

Read Michael Krantz’s Newsletter!

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