Dr. Dale Layman

Dr. LaymanDr. Dale Layman has posed this question to the world with hopes of, one day, finding an answer. As the  founder of Robowatch, he strives to keep a watchful eye on the fast-moving developments occurring in the fields of robotics, computing and artificial intelligence.  Having realized that the world is in a hyper state with technology, computers and robots, Dr. Layman offers his plea to save mankind from being replaced by robots through his international human rights advocacy group, Robowatch, LLC. He worries that much of our own natural, biological species—Homo sapiens—is soon to be replaced by a non-living, completely mechanical, artificial alien race.  This alien race has “pure artificial intelligence.” Pure artificial intelligence includes “emotional” humanoid (human-like) robots and “thinking” supercomputers!  Further, this already dire situation will quickly become much worse, as cyborgs (transhumanists) enter with “mixed artificial intelligence,” which is the human’s own natural intelligence plus that of a computerized “brain!”  These cyborgs essentially represent a new, unnatural species that competes with mankind.  This terrifying and threatening new species is called, as Dr. Layman states, Robo sapiens.

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