W. Thomas Amick

William AmickW. Thomas Amick was appointed president and CEO of Dendreon Corporation in July 2014.

“I have a great passion and respect for Dendreon’s mission of transforming the lives of patients through the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative cancer treatments,” Mr. Amick stated in a press release at the time of his progression. “I believe that PROVENGE is a unique immunotherapy treatment and look forward to working with the Dendreon team.”

Dendreon Corporation, according to its website, is a “biotechnology company with a mission to target cancer and transform lives through the discovery, development, commercialization, and manufacturing of novel therapeutics.” In order to satisfy its mission, Dendreon’s team members conduct intensive biotechnology research and development, and develop innovative products, including PROVENGE, which is an immunotherapy designed to use the body’s own immune cells to attack prostate cancer.

Read William Amick’s Newsletter!

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