Nathaly Gagnon

NathalyNathaly Gagnon is a financial planner at Investors Group Securities Inc., a financial planning company that offers clients services regarding investments, financial planning, stocks, mutual funds and bonds, as well as insurance. Since joining the company in 1997, Dr. Gagnon has established herself as an integral member of the organization. Her responsibilities include creating comprehensive financial plans based on a client’s values while taking into consideration what is important about money to them, as well as guiding clients in discovering the value of preparation over planning, protection over risk-tolerance, creation over consumption, and prosperity-mindedness over scarcity-thinking. Noted for her expertise in all aspects of financial planning, Dr. Gagnon also conducts regular follow-up conversations and progress reports that are compulsory to be part of Investors Group Securities clientele, and serves affluent retirees, professionals and business owners. She is devoted to her clients and prides herself on helping women.

A certified financial planner, Dr. Gagnon holds a Ph.D. in political science. She stays abreast of the many changes in her industry through her memberships with IQPF and CSF. Since entering the field of finance nearly two decades ago, she has been recognized for her persistence, integrity and dedication.

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