Mark Gamble

Mark GambleWith three decades of experience, Mark D. Gamble utilizes his excellent communications skills to serve as the vice president of the Greater Northeast Region for National Elevator Inspection Services, Inc. A Bureau Veritas company, NEIS was founded in 1967. Its mission is to perform highly specialized elevator inspection services for clients. Since its inception, the company has grown into the largest elevator inspection service company in the United States. As the vice president of his region, Mr. Gamble oversees all operations, which include, but are not limited to profit and loss, employee issues and customer situations throughout the Northeast quadrant of the U.S., from Maine to Delaware to Ohio. He also manages 30 inspectors and two customer account coordinators who handle all of the billing. With a knack for building extremely loyal teams, Mr. Gamble is most renowned for his ability to serve as a liaison between the field and corporate areas of the company, as well as his skill in explaining to each inspector what their job is, and how it affects the region and the company as a whole. When Mr. Gamble first took on his current role, his region  had very low morale due to management turnover and a general lack of interest. The region’s performance was lackluster and employee attitudes were poor. Within a year, he exceeded the company’s corporate goals for the region, ensuring that employees are fully engaged, cooperative and have a sense understanding as a team.

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