Steven Wells, Esq.

An inductee of the Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys, Steven Wells, Esq., was recently recognized for his hard work, commitment and significant achievements. He was selected for inclusion in Worldwide Registry and was subsequently named a Professional of the Year in Law. These accolades are most certainly a result of the 30 years he has dedicated to the industry and a testament to his overall level of professional excellence.

Currently, Mr. Wells serves as an attorney and principal shareholder of Schnelz Wells, P.C., a nationally renowned firm that offers quality representation throughout the United States, including in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and Michigan. Additionally, the firm practices in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas, as well as the District of Columbia. Mr. Wells focuses primarily on telecommunications law, corporate formation, labor and employment, and trademark law.

Read Steven Wells’ Newsletter!

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