Camilla Fischbacher

Camilla Noted for her bold spirit and creativity, Camilla D. Fischbacher utilizes a decade of experience in the arts to successfully serve as the art director and product manager for Christian Fischbacher Co. AG. Her product creativity, design and innovation are relied upon by the company to create beautiful, unique fabrics. Under Mrs. Fischbacher’s management, the company’s design and marketing teams drive the creative and innovative development of its products and also continue to work on ways to reach new, hipper clientele without alienating established customers. Mrs. Fischbacher runs the in-house design studio, and she recently assisted with the launch of a new lifestyle sub-line called CF by Christian Fischbacher, which is taking the bed linen market by storm. What was once a conservative, tradition-based company is now recognized as being contemporary and trend-setting. Changing its images was not an easy feat. Today, Mrs. Fischbacher hones her knowledge and experience with different cultures to keep the brand fresh.

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