Paul McAneny

Noted for his keen ability to understand what people want and meet their needs, Paul McAneny serves as a health and wealth coach with Isagenix International, LLC. In this capacity, Mr. McAneny teaches and trains leaders within the company and assists people in obtaining financial freedom through the business. He meets with three to four people each day, and takes the time to listen to them as they tell him why they want to lose weight and be healthy. He then guides them in reaching their goals, offering numerous products, including weight-loss products, mini meals, energy and performance solutions, and age-defying skin care products.

Mr. McAneny attributes much of his success to his business partner, Suzanne Skillen, who has worked alongside him for the last eight years. Since its inception, Isagenix International, LLC, has grown to include 53,000 team leaders in various countries around the world, including Australia, the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and, most recently, Indonesia.

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